Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I listen to WRHO?
  • If you have a radio, tune it right in to 89.7FM. If you don't have a radio or aren't in Oneonta, check out the web streaming links in the sidebar over there ----->

  • I think I have what it takes. How do I get on the air for my own show?
  • Well you know we exist, so that's step one. Step two is to reach out to us at [email protected] and express your interest. Any member of the Oneonta community is welcome to be part of our station, as we serve not just Hartwick College but everyone around it.

  • What does it take to become a radio DJ? Do I need a radio voice?
  • A simple training process is all that's needed. While some of us sound like God Himself on a mic, you don't need to at all - you just need a sense of humor, some jokes, and hopefully good taste in music too. You'll need to pass training on relevant FCC rules and regulations, and we'll train you how to control the sound board - by the end of it, you'll have all the basics you need to put together a great sounding radio show.

  • What types of events does WRHO do as a club?
  • WRHO has many traditional events, including the annual "Spring Weekend" where we DJ out on Frisbee Field, as well as DJing for club live events, dances, or other gatherings. Need music? Just give us an email - with at least two weeks notice - at [email protected] and we'll hook you up. You even get to pick the volume level.

Infrequently Asked Questions

  • How many watts is the WRHO signal? How far can you broadcast?
  • Our transmitter is an awe-inspiring 270 watts, and our antenna is located at the top of Binder (we think. Nobody has actually put eyes on it in a while, it might have wandered down to Golisano after a particularly good St Patrick's last year). You can see an approximate map of our broadcast area here.

  • Who does your website?
  • That would be Rick Heil, our resident website jesus and internet sugar daddy. He does this all for free in his spare time when he isn't designing other sites (even for our cross-town rival), on air himself, or peddling iPhones.

  • What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  • African or European?