Radio Roulette playlist for 09/01/2016

Submitted by DJ Red Beard on Thu, 09/01/2016 - 23:29
Artist Title Album Label Link
PSA Safe harbor PSA
The claypool lennon delirium Mr.Wright Monolith of Phobos
PDX POP NOW! New Move 2016
My Morning Jacket Mahgeetah It still moves
Leland Sundries Apocalypse love song music for outcasts
Hink Now is the time Strenght
The Mystery Lights Intro The Mystery Lights
Backed Potatoes The Builder Loaded
Nick Moss Band before the night is through From the root to the fruit
Jet west waiting wake up
PSA Saint jude cd PSA
Baked potatoe postcard song loaded
Margaret Glaspy emotions and math emotions and math
Islands Charm offensive taste
The 5 O'clocks Buy the band a beer #notonfacebook
PSA Safe harbor PSA
Trash Sinatras Let me inside Wild pendulum
The Motet The truth Totem
The 5 O'clocks Small girl in a mighty world #notonfacebook
PSA Radon test gospel PSA
V^2 We are V^2 The begining
Islands back into it Should I remain here at sea
Graham Nash Another broken heart Single
PSA Marines PSA
Joseph Canyon I'm Alone. No You're Not
Dtown Brass Escape hatch Golden Belt
ACDC I've got big balls Dirty Deeds done dirt cheep

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