Radio Roulette playlist for 11/17/2016

Submitted by DJ Red Beard on Fri, 11/18/2016 - 00:02
Artist Title Album Label Link
Kaiser Chiefs Why do you do it to me? Stay together
Roscoe Get ready Get Ready
Snot Stoopid Alive
The 1 Shanti Dizzy India Bambataa
spike looo manwhore Waste of skin
PSA Marines sense of honor PSA
Stepkings track 1 3thehard was
PSA Marriage in crisis PSA
Project 86 Hallow man hallow again
Deleayo Marsalis Back to Africa Make america great again
acdc big balls Dirty deeds done dirt cheap
Deleayo Marsalis Make america great again Make america great again
Jerome Carlson Freedom's flag Freedom's flag