Radio Roulette playlist for 04/20/2017

Submitted by DJ Red Beard on Sun, 04/23/2017 - 15:47
Artist Title Album Label Link
PHO Sour Town TWO
Joe Alterman Fish This Week Comin' Home to You
Jocelyn and Chris Arndt Footprints on the moon GO
U.S Department of Veterans Affairs Bittersweet Suicide prevention for Vets PSA
Alphane Reality Generator Red Button Music for the Robot Revolution
Malvae Labyrinth Bleeps, Beats, & Bass
Jennifer Tefft Band Track 6 Cutting for stone
Vet Tix NHL Tickets for the troops PSA
Alphane Reality Generator Wir Essen Hein Brot Music For The Robot Revolution
Rings Pantsuit A Bell

The first Radio Roulette in to darn long. Also happy birthday to RedBeard