EDM to My Soul playlist for 11/09/2017

Submitted by DJ Sleeper Suites on Thu, 11/09/2017 - 21:01
Artist Title Album Label Link
TheFatRat Jackpot Jackpot
Avenza Royal Royal
The Vaude Villainz Voodoo Electro Swing New Generation 01 by Bart&Baker: The Best New Electro Swing Music
Hoverboots Indigo Blossom Indigo Blossom
PSA Medicaid for Kids Teens 1min PSA
Kotori, Sefaro Giftia (Sefaro Remix) Plastic Memories (The Remixes)
Forgotten Sounds Funked Up - Original Mix Funk You
Virtual Riot Throwback Throw Back
Mykool Lost Touch Lost Touch
Kaosic Julia Julia
PSA Families in Crisis PSA
Vulpey Squirm Squirm
Flux Pavilion, Turin Brakes Cut Me Out Pull The Trigger / Cut Me Out
Snail's House Pixel Dream Pixel Dream
Mitis For Miles and Miles For Miles and Miles
Redshift, Similar Outskirts Stay Classy Stay Classy

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