EDM to My Soul playlist for 11/30/2017

Submitted by DJ Sleeper Suites on Thu, 11/30/2017 - 21:01
Artist Title Album Label Link
Skrillex First of the Year (Equinox) - Equinox More Monsters and Sprites EP
Polygon Hideout Hideout
Snail's House Aloha Ordinary Songs 3
PSA Fishing Licences PSA
Mako, Konstantin Devil May Cry - Konstantin Remix Hourglass: The Remixes
Bassnectar Into the Sun Into the Sun
Killing with Fire, Sad Zombie Not My Jazz Groove Not My Jazz Groove
Anevo, Heather Sommer Can't Stop feat. Heather Sommer Can't Stop feat. Heather Sommer
Drove Amaro, Bones Noize, Astomi Triforce Triforce
grandson Blood / / Water Blood / / Water
Bones Noize, L-A In the Jungle Barf
PSA Girl Scout Cookies to Troops PSA
AdhesiveWombat 8-Bit Adventure Marsupial Madness
We Killed Hannah Wraith Wraith
Ent!ty, Zeneth Mischief Mischief
Unlike Pluto, Seven Lions Rescue Me Where I Won't Be Found
Club Unicorn Get Schwifty (from "Rick and Morty") Get Schwifty (from "Rick and Morty")

The last show of the semester's gonna be a kicker!