Plümage Hour playlist for 02/19/2018

Submitted by DJ Red Beard on Mon, 02/19/2018 - 14:59
Artist Title Album Label Link
Dominik Hauser Mr.Ed Theme Mister Ed
David Glen Eisley, & Rob Kulick Sweet Victory Sweet Victory (As heard on Spongebob)
Monty Python Albatross/Colonel stopping it Monty Python Live! At City Center
Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks Natural Foods 2000 and Thirteen
The smoother brothers My old man Golden hits of the smoother brothers
take me fishing Fishing Licenses PSA
crazy mad old people that funny song happy goon
monty python The spanish inquisition pt1. extended another monty python record
the mississippi squirrel rivial ray stevens box sex
the edwin davids jazz band benny hill theme les meilleurs génériques de l'histoire de la télé
the kids sesame street theme sesame street theme
usepa Radon Testing PSA

the opening skit of the plumage hour-
Fake advertisement of Yoder's Sparkling
DJ Redbeard sings my heart will go on
really bad skits
floundering jokes
Cookie monster makes an appearance.
the update from the hill
communist hunting