Plümage Hour playlist for 02/26/2018

Submitted by DJ Red Beard on Mon, 02/26/2018 - 14:56
Artist Title Album Label Link
The hit crew Mr.Ed theme A tribute to the best comedy television themes
Relient K the pirates who don't do anything single
Tom Leher New Math That was the year that was
Jerry seinfeld Larry wilde first time funny Jerry seinfeld on comedy
Fitness.Gov Kids need 60 minutes of exercise each day HHS PSA
Europe The final countdown single
US EPA Radon test PSA
Monty python radio shop matching tie and handchief
veggie tales water buffalo song all the song
The who the pinball wizard tommy
frank sinatra my way ultimate sinatra

-Schlomo's pastrami advert
-the Icelandic grey
-cookie monster
-Impressions of Millard Fillmore, Mr. Ed, Carl Sagan, Bernie Sanders, and cookie monster
-random bird droppings