Plümage Hour playlist for 04/09/2018

Submitted by DJ Red Beard on Mon, 04/09/2018 - 13:00
Artist Title Album Label Link
Dominik Hauser Mr.Ed Theme Mister Ed Theme
Lynard Skynard Free Bird- Demo version Lynard skynard
Christopher sieber, Sara Ramierez the song that goes like this Monty Python's spamalot
Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner Great inventions 2000 and Thirteen
Flanders & Swann Gnu song The complete Flanders and Swann
Girl Scouts Spanish PSA
Monty Python Be a great actor Another Monty Python Record
Christopher lee The Impossible Dream Metal Knight
Victor Borge Phonetic Pronunciation Victor Borge- Live
USEPA Radon Test- Country PSA
Smooth Jazz Delux Smooth Jazz for resturants success & Beauty
Mariachi Vargas de Tecelitan Por ti volare Sinfonico 2
Shrek ensemble I'm a believer Shrek the musical

Sponsored by Sophie's Staplers
Guest Star Mr.Rogers
Bird of the Week the English Common Black Parrot