Metal Madness playlist for 11/18/2018

Submitted by DJ Bad Moon on Mon, 11/19/2018 - 00:02
Artist Title Album Label Link
DJ Jules SWEAR WARNING - Safe Harbor Act PSA
Blind Guardian Lionheart A Twist In The Myth
Sabaton The Lost Battalion The Last Stand
Siberian Meat Grinder Ruder Than Thou Metal Bear Stomp
Americorps/VISTA Join Americorps/VISTA for a year PSA
Savage Circus Of Doom and Death Of Doom and Death
God Dethroned Storm of Steel Under the Sign of the Iron Cross
Stratovarius Enigma Enigma: Intermission II
Gojira VACUITY The Way of all Flesh
Crystallion Wings Of Thunder Hattin
US Dept Health Raising Healthy Kids - Medical Jojo 1min PSA
Dismember Europa Burns Dismember
The Sword Iron Swan Age Of Winters
Disturbed 3 The Lost Children

Bring more metal to you all with another soon to be DJ, DJ Canadians Against Alex!