Awkward Times with Moe & Doe playlist for 05/03/2015

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 05/03/2015 - 23:00
Artist Title Album Label Link
Sugarcult Memory Palm Trees and Power Lines
Aiden We Sleep Forever Rain in Hell
My Chemical Romance Thank You For The Venom Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge
Fall Out Boy Sugar We're Going Down From Under the Cork Tree
Weezer Beverly Hills Make Believe
Greenday Boulevard of Broken Dreams American Idiot
Focus on Family Families in CRISIS PSA
Boys and Girls Club 3PM Bell PSA
Muse Hysteria Absolution
Fall Out Boy I'm Like A Lawyer The Way I'm Always Trying to Get You Off (Me & You) Infinity On High
Seether Fine Again Seether: 2002-2013
JET Are You Gonna Be My Girl Get Born
All American Rejects Move Along Move Along
Head Automatica Graduation Day Propaganda
The Academy Is... The Phrase That Pays Almost Here
Yellowcard Ocean Avenue Ocean Avenue
No More Stop domestic Violence PSA
America Library Assoc Banned Books Week PSA
Papa Roach Scars To Be Loved: The Best of Papa Roach
blink -182 Stay Together For the Kids Greatest Hits
My Chemical Romance Helena Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge
The Pink Spiders Little Razorblade Teenage Graffiti
Cobra Starship Bring It [Snake on a Plane] While The City Sleeps, We Rule The Streets
Flobots Handlebars Fight With Tools
Jimmy Eat World The Middle Bleed American
Avenge Sevenfold Bat Country The City Of Evil
The White Stripes Blue Orchid Get Behind Me Satan
DJ Jules Safe Harbor Act PSA
USA EPA Radon Test Your Home PSA
US Dept Health Medicaide and Children's health PSA
Sum 41 Fat Lip All Killer, No Filler
Simple Plan Welcome To My Life Still Not Getting Any
Panic! At The Disco Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off A Fever You Can't Sweat Out
Hinder Lips of an Angel Extreme Behavior
Blue October Hate Me Foiled
Nine Inch Nails Every Day is Exactly The Same With Teeth
Motion City Soundtrack L.G. FUAD Commit To This Memory
Thrice Image of the Invisible Vheissu
My Chemical Romance Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two of Us I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love
Korn Falling Away From Me Issues
Him Wings of a Butterfly Dark Light
Taking Back Sunday MakeDamnSure Louder Now