Title Genre DJs Time range
DAWG TIME Country Thursday 7-8pm
DAWG TIME Country Monday 7-8pm
Metal Madness Metal DJ Bad Moon Sunday 10-11pm
Nice Noises Rock, Folk, and everything else DJ Boomer Wednesday 9-11pm
Pirate Radio Rock, Pop, and everything good DJ Red Beard Wednesday 2-3pm
Plümage Hour Comedy
DJ Red Beard
The People
Monday 1-2pm
Psychedelic Shack Psychedelic Rock
DJ Mad Doctor
DJ Mad Doctor
Friday 7-8pm
Radio Roulette Everything!
DJ Morgs
DJ Red Beard
The People
Monday 10pm-Tuesday 12am
Rando Radio Random
DJ Boomer
The People
Tuesday 6-7pm
Rock's Music Mix All Music DJ Rock Friday 6-7pm
S'Morgasbord Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, etc... DJ Morgs Saturday 10-11pm