Title Genre DJs
Nate Dog's Show All DJ Nate Dog
AK Bridge Modern Mix DJ Philonious
Ask Kent and Josie Talk show
DJ Air Bud
DJ Brosie
Boogie with Bstevie! Pop, Japanese pop, classic female artists DJ Bstevie
Cap'n Crunch Everything/ Talk Show DJ Morgs
CheckPoint! Gaming Talk Show DJ Stainless
Covering for Rock's Music Mix: DJ Carolina and DJ Smol Mix
DJ Rock
DJ Carolina
DJ Smol
Covering for Rock's Music Mix: MishMash w Smol and Carolina Mixed
DJ Smol
DJ Carolina
DAWG TIME Country DJ Nate Dog
DJ Logic Sit-in Hour All
DJ Nikon On Air Exam Alternative Rock
EDM to My Soul EDM/Synth DJ Sleeper Suites
Friend-Lei Musicals Musical theater music DJ K. Lei
Ghost Party with DJ Teege Rock, Hip-Hop, Alternative, Electronic, Folk, Punk, et cetera DJ Teege
Girls Night/Guys Night Variety DJ K. Lei
Hyrule Happy Hour Non-specific DJ Zelda
I Don't Know Sports Sports Talk Show
DJ Boomer
DJ Morgs
I Like Brunch Rock, Pop, Jazz, and everything inbetween DJ Stainless
It's A Bonfire A range of all types of modern music, from alt pop to rap, with a few throwbacks thrown in
DJ Air Bud
DJ Brosie
Mad Box Hour 2.5 Yes DJ BOX FELON
Mad Box Hour 3 90s rock DJ BOX FELON
Mad Box Hour 4 Rock the 00’s DJ BOX FELON
MadBoxHour2 Yes DJ BOX FELON
Mel's Tundra Mixed DJ Mel the Arct...
Midnight Moments with Vader Anything DJ Vader
New DJ On Air Test N/A
DJ Red Beard
DJ Morgs
The People
DJ Rock
Nice Noises Rock, Folk, and everything else DJ Boomer
No Particular Place to Go Pop, R&B, 90s Rap, Hip-Hop, etc. DJ JoJoJones
Off The Rails Rock, sometimes other stuff DJ Trainwreck